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Dunkin Latte Cookie

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This item requires will be exclusively available for in-person pick-up from Friday, December 22 to Saturday, December 23 during our upcoming 2023 Christmas Pop-up event.

Christmas cookies are a magical gift, especially when you add a gift card to the mix. Who doesn't love to munch on some delicious treats and sip on a latte? Santa is not the only one who deserves a sweet reward! Cookie will be individually packaged in a clear cookie box, with Christmas theme bow and gift tag. Ready to gift! Gift card is not included. Option to leave space in cookie box to insert a gift card.

Pre-order pick up will be during our Christmas PopUp on December 22 and 23rd from 10-5pm at 40 Duke Drive in Carmel, NY.

*Please note that image is from shop we purchase cookie cutter from and not our picture but everyone knows our cookie skills and it will be AS PICTURED.


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