Skully Pull-A-Part Mini Candy Charcuterie Board


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Looking for something fun this Halloween? This skeleton cookie is fun for gifting or perfect for sharing this holiday. We will also have "You Have Been Booed" cards or "Happy Halloween" gift tag.

Cookie comes in 6 pieces and you can have fun with how it’s decorated. This set will be available in purple or black in our signature vanilla sugar cookie or chocolate sugar cookie and with candy. Skeleton is in a translucent green plastic tray surrounded by unique Halloween candy. (gummy body parts, eye ball gum, ghost peeps, skull lollipop and candy corn. Nut free.

To purchase the set with no candy go to:

This item is a preorder for pick up during our Halloween Spooktacular Pop Up on October 29 and 30th, 11-5pm at 40 Duke Drive in Carmel NY.