Add Insulated Lining To Your Box, ADD ON ORDER


We have run out of stock for this item.

This item can only by purchased as an add on to your order. I do not sell this individually.
Contact me so that you know what size of cooler box to purchase. This does not include your shipping cost. You are purchasing to have your box insulated lined, YOU STILL NEED TO PURCHASE ICE PACKS OR GO WITH THE 1 ICE PACK WE INCLUDE PER ORDER.

Insulated liners are specially designed and made to keep stable temperature during transportation. These food bags are tough enough to take on long shipments without risk of penetration. Insulated package has an innovative design that protects against impact and sharp changes in air temperature during transit. FDA approved.

* * * Temperature Restrictions & Warm Weather Shipping Policies * * *

In the summer months (June - September) we automatically ship with1 ice pack at no additional cost to you but recommend you consider purchasing additional ice packs and/or insulation boxes.

We do our very best to ensure that your chocolate will arrive to you without melting, however, shipping chocolate in the summer is a battle against nature. We cannot be responsible for melted chocolate and do not offer refunds if this occurs. However, your chocolate is healthy to consume and will taste just as delicious even if melted!